Write Up

A warm and friendly brand identity for a creative community organization

When the organizers of Write Up approached us, they had the idea for the group—a writer’s group for upstate New Yorkers—and had already held a few events, but they needed a cohesive, powerful brand and visual identity to increase audience awareness and engagement.


After working with the organizers to discover the key values and characteristics of the group (connection, community, support, resources, networking, opportunities, collaboration, laid-back, down-to-earth, fun, welcoming, and warm) and what they offer, now and in the future (advice, educational resources, networking, job and project opportunities, and a laid back creative community), we got to work condensing that into a brand platform:

Write Up is a writers’ collective offering support to those living and working outside of major metropolitan areas.

Write Up needed a tagline that described, in a concise and catchy way, how they support writers personally, professionally, and creatively:

Supporting writers from ink to inc.

From there, we created a bold, eye-catching visual identity, including logo and wordmark, typography, colors, and supporting graphics, that expressed the laid-back and fun aspects of Write Up—yes, they offer education and resources, but they want their audience to see them as approachable, open, and warm.

We also created templates for print materials like posters and business cards as well as for email marketing via Mailchimp.

Lastly, we built a one-page website to capture the emails of those who’d like to join. Currently, the organizers communicate with members about meetings and workshops primarily through email, so that is the first and most important contact information to gather. The website will continue to grow, but we wanted to make sure that the organizers had the opportunity to continue gathering contacts and connecting with their audience, even as the website is in progress.

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