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Comprehensive, ongoing content development, copywriting, and social media management for a ground-breaking women’s health company

Extend Fertility is offering something a little different than most fertility practices: proactive fertility preservation (egg freezing) targeted toward young, healthy women in New York City who want to postpone motherhood.

These women, ages 27–42, aren’t interested in starting a family right now—they’re focused on their careers, finding a partner, traveling, continuing their education, or one of the many other options women have nowadays. Though this audience might not be totally “in the know” about fertility (since talking about it’s still a bit of a taboo), they’re generally savvy, educated, and discerning modern women who don’t conform to traditional gender roles. Market research demonstrates that they expect brands to be honest and transparent in their communications.

We created a voice and a content strategy for Extend Fertility that speaks directly to this audience.

The Extend Fertility voice is:

Warm: Most egg freezing currently happens in a hospital or clinic setting, which is often (or often perceived as) sterile, cold, or unwelcoming. The blog is written in a warmer, less clinical tone, reflecting Extend Fertility’s responsive and individual approach to fertility preservation. We want to invite questions and acknowledge positively that our audience is seeking information that can help them make better choices.

Excited: While many women are aware that egg freezing is a good choice for some, they also acknowledge that it’s often seen as a reluctant choice or “last resort” for unmarried women. We try to inject a sense of excitement about the possibilities afforded by egg freezing by focusing on the positive benefits and the way that the procedure provides women with more freedom and control.

Straightforward: We strive to explain complex scientific processes and results in language that is as clear and digestible as possible, using data visualization where appropriate.

Transparent: We want to ensure that Extend Fertility’s audience feels that they thoroughly understand their options, so we’ve adopted a policy of matter-of-factness. This savvy audience is not easily swayed by emotional ploys and detests “hidden fees” or skewed data. We’re as honest as possible about procedures, statistics, and costs.

Data-driven: First and foremost, this audience is interested in hard facts about their fertility and the procedure; in market research, they indicate data as their most important motivator to choosing egg freezing.

Inclusive: Not every woman who is interested in egg freezing will be coming from the same walk of life—and not all of them have the same plan. We don’t assume that Extend Fertility’s patients are heterosexual or anything else, and when appropriate, we use inclusive language like “partner” to ensure that every woman feels invited to learn more about egg freezing.

We avoid language that’s sales-focused, patronizing, or dismissive.

Extend Fertility website copy

The first step to communicating the Extend Fertility brand was to create an informative, honest, and engaging website. Because egg freezing is a fairly new technology, one of our goals with the website content was for Extend Fertility to become an educational resource for our audience—a place for them to learn about female fertility. Women can not be comfortable with egg freezing as a concept if they don’t understand how and why egg freezing works, and why it’s an important option. We did this by creating an educational portion of the website, called “Your Fertility,” that exists purely as a learning tool for the audience.

Secondly, we wanted to honor the brand value of transparency by ensuring the website is totally upfront about the process and the price. We did this through the section called “Our Process,” which guides women step-by-step through the egg freezing process so nothing is mysterious or surprising. We also crafted the pricing page to be as straightforward and clear as possible about the cost, financing options, and insurance coverage for the procedure and medications. Because Extend Fertility’s audience does their research and values honesty—and is sensitive to being “sold to”—we wanted to ensure that women were able to gather as much information as possible to aid their egg freezing decisions from the website.

All of the content for the website was written in collaboration with the Extend Fertility clinical team, including physicians, nurses, and laboratory scientists, to ensure it’s completely accurate and precise.

Extend Fertility blog

The blog has several key functions.

First of all, it serves as a content marketing tool, and we work with SEO specialists to ensure the content there is optimized for common search terms to help Extend Fertility’s audience find them online.

Secondly, it’s another educational tool. The blog allows us to get “in-depth” on topics that aren’t covered—or are covered only summarily—on other portions of the website. It also allows us to link egg freezing to other women’s health issues, such as breast cancer, endometriosis, and menstrual health, to enhance partnerships, increase content sharing, and widen our potential audience.

Lastly, the blog serves as a place for Extend Fertility to share news about their own practice as well as egg freezing more generally, ensuring that we can share this news via social media and e-mail marketing while still maintaining links back to the Extend Fertility website.

The goals of both the website as a whole and the blog specifically are (primarily) education and (secondarily) a call to action—to motivate women to schedule an appointment with Extend Fertility.

We manage the conceptualization, research, writing, editing, layout, and publishing of each blog post—publishing an average of 6 posts per month—with a team of bloggers.

Extend Fertility social media strategy

We use social media in four ways: to share the high quality content on our website and blog, to support paid social media advertising efforts, to connect with influencers and members of our target audience organically, and to share content that reflects the values and ethos of Extend Fertility. To those ends, we share several types of content, including links directly back to our blog and website, data-driven videos and graphics, information about egg freezing and women’s health more generally, and value-driven content such as features on inspirational women, gender equality news, and content that’s focused on women in business, tech, and science.

We also monitor several dozen specific keywords so that we can keep track of the way people are talking about egg freezing, reproductive health, and Extend Fertility on social media and join the conversation when appropriate.

Ensuring continuity across materials

To ensure that the Extend Fertility voice and style is maintained across all print and digital marketing and informational materials, we also write, edit, and/or layout documents such as brochures, white papers, information sheets, team bios, flyers, e-mail newsletters, advertising campaign landing pages, and more as needed.

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